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We, husband and wife together, acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that married adults are happier, healthier and wealthier. They live longer, sleep better, are more productive on the job, and have better sex lives than singles.

We believe in the sanctity of marriage, declare our mutual commitment to one another, and pledge to stay married for life.

We will work to keep our relationship vibrant and growing during the various stages of our life together across the years.

We believe, as partners in marriage, that we are accountable to one another for the quality of our relationship to one another and to the children we may have one day.

We believe that love is a DECISION, not a FEELING. It is our responsibility to love each other unconditionally. If there are times when the feelings of love and affection are not present, we each promise to continue to make a decision daily to love our spouse until the feelings of love return.

We pledge to contact our pastor, our marriage coaches/mentors, or a marriage counselor before we ever separate, move out, or file for divorce.

As a public commitment to our marriage, we authorize Live the Life, Inc. to post our names on its website/other public displays as signatories of the "marriage commitment pledge".

Therefore, we do hereby vow and make a pledge that we will remain faithful to one another in thought and deed, and that we will stay married for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, and will love and cherish one another for the rest of our lives.

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