We believe a rising tide floats all boats. If we can diminish the fragmentation of our families thru increased relationship literacy we can reduce poverty, homelessness, incarceration, addictions, domestic violence and a host of societal ills. Join us in creating a South Florida community where marriages and families thrive.

Highlights From Last Year

  • More than 800 participated in one of our programs; Adventures in Marriage, HOPE Weekend, REALife, Start Smart and REAL Essentials.
  • 97% of all couples that attended HOPE Weekend are still married.
  • Hosted our first Train the Trainer for REAL Essentials
  • Launched REALife Parenting for City of Ft. Lauderdale employees.
  • Launched REAL Essentials in Boyd Anderson High School.
  • Coral Ridge Presbyterian provided a permanent home for LTLSF.
  • Hosted our first Community Conversation event revealing the impact of family fragmentation on education in Broward county.

Plans For This Year

  • Address the harmful effects of pornography in the school system and general public through the engagement of 18 Fight The New Drug events
  • Expand HOPE Weekends to 9 a year
  • Host 9 Adventures in Marriage classes
  • Host REAL Essentials at Boyd Anderson High and Ft. Lauderdale High School
  • Hire a Director of Student Programs
  • Facilitate Train the Trainer models for REAL Essentials, Start Smart and Adventures in Marriage in order to scale program offerings.
  • Partner with churches in providing volunteer manpower to teach programs in the public and private arenas.

Division Contact

Lisa May
Regional Vice President of South Florida

5555 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


Please Mail Checks intended for the South Florida office to:

Po box 7214

Ft lauderdale FL 33338

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