Live the Life Workshops

Community workshops are free to churches and are an amazing way of serving your community. Below is a list of workshops that we are running in 2018. Please contact us to let us know which workshop you would like to host at your church. Workshops are 4 hours long and are advertised through Facebook and radio to the Jacksonville area.


Preparing for Forever

AUDIENCE: Singles 16-35 (older version can be tailored)

DESCRIPTION: Navigating the dating scene can be tough. Most people want to find that perfect someone with whom they want to spend the rest of their life, but how do you know what to look for, how do you find them, and what do you do with yourself while you wait? Preparing for Forever answers those questions and more, while laying a Biblical foundation for dating and choosing your future spouse.


The Powers of Us

AUDIENCE: Married/Engaged

DESCRIPTION: In the beginning, God created both man and woman, but He did not stop there. Instead, He united His two creations into one flesh through marriage. The Power of US dives into the mysteries of this divine bond, the strength that is can bring to our lives and the challenges it can also bring. Equipping couples with practical skills, this workshop helps couples tap into the true power of US.


Relationships that Last


DESCRIPTION: Do you have problems connecting to people? Are your relationships often shallow, ending when things get deep? Do you dream of having relationships that give back as well as take? Relationships that Last is a 4 hour long workshop, empowering participants to cultivate strong and meaningful relationships with people from every part of their life. God has called His people to be in relationship with others, so learning the skills to do it can make us more successful and fulfilled as we set out to accomplish His plan for our lives. This workshop will be an interactive journey toward gaining competence in building and maintaining relationships that last.


Breaking Unhealthy Patterns


DESCRIPTION: Breaking Unhealthy Patterns in Your Relationships empowers people with an effective system for breaking the unhealthy behaviors that destroy intimacy in their relationships. Participants will be exposed to a large dose of self-awareness when it comes to their own triggered responses, and learn how to emotionally regulate in order to handle stressful situations in a more healthy way. On top of this, they will leave with strategies for helping others break unhealthy patterns as well, so they can take any relationship to the next level.


DIY Parenting

AUDIENCE: Parents Through High School

DESCRIPTION: In today's culture, parenting can be a challenge. It is easy to hand over the responsibility to schools, learning channels and even the Church, but God challenged parents to train up their children in His ways. DIY Parenting gives parents strategies and tools that they can use to take back that God given assignment of raising kids and raise them to be healthy emotionally, spiritually and physically. It empowers parents to effectively guide their children into an adulthood marked by maturity and success.


Healthy Communication

AUDIENCE: Married/Engaged

DESCRIPTION: Healthy Communication teaches a skill-based approach to communication that helps couples recognize when their communication style is a problem develop the ability to feel genuine empathy for their partner instead of resentment, and express themselves in a healthy way so their thoughts and feelings can be clearly understood.

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